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Paola Vivas is a Mexican photographer who studied at the University of Arts London and currently resides between London and Mexico—working across genres such as portraiture, fashion, lifestyle & documentary while creating an empowering gaze through her practice. She focuses on community, individuality, representation, and visibility. She emphasizes the delicate nature of human relationships and strives to establish a space of intimate synergy with her subjects by forming genuine connections.

Paola published her first monograph, Espacio Latino. This body of work was created to showcase how Latinos create and claim their own space as individuals in today’s society and creative landscape. Espacio Latino aims to shed light on the struggles faced by the Latino population in the UK through portraits and conversational profiles that allow readers to understand each individual and the diaspora. Through focusing on Latinos with compelling voices, Vivas aims to raise recognition of an underrepresented community, on sale here.

This conversation sparked Paola’s interest in creating Directorio Global, a platform launched in late 2021. Directorio aims to amplify the visibility of Latino creative talent, provide fair opportunities, and foster a support network within the community. It connects individuals across the creative industries. Notable collaborations include The Barbican and global clients like Byredo and Chivas Regal. Directorio aims to strengthen ongoing discussions on Latino creative power, diversity, and inclusion.

In late 2022 she released the zine “Chulas” which celebrates her love for organic, unproduced photography, Mexican beauty and long-term relationships that arise from ongoing collaborations.  She recently participated in the Photofusion LCN mentorship and was part 2021 Female in Focus  BJP selection and exhibition in 2022.  

Besides exploring the connection between people, food and culture, Paola wants to incorporate more socially focused, purpose-driven stories into her work.


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Paola’s podcast episode on Female Gaze for Dior Talks is available to listen here.

Paola is currently part of Thursday Child and her archives are available for licensing to buy at Kintzing

Instagram: @paolavivasphotography